Perseverance Pays off for McIntosh in Sturgis

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Perseverance Pays off for McIntosh in Sturgis

Postby 3D Racing » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:35 pm

Perseverance Pays off for McIntosh in Sturgis
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Doug McIntosh has been a familiar face in the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour for many years, always a contender in the race and the points battle, but he has had a bit of a dry spell in the past couple of years when it comes to feature wins. His perseverance paid off Saturday night in Sturgis, SD as he lead all 25 laps of the feature event in his familiar #23 car. Starting from the pole position, McIntosh pulled out to a good lead while the real battle was for the second spot between Robert Bandy (27) and Brandon Mills (22). About 10 laps into the race, the two made contact breaking Bandy's steering and sending his car into the wall, and sending Mills to the rear of the field, thus giving the second spot to last weeks winner in Newcastle, WY, Blayne Brink (21). The 14 yr. old Brink put tons of pressure on the leader for the remainder of the race, pulling alongside McIntosh a couple of times, but could never pull off the pass, and settled for second. This shows the maturity of the young Brink, for it would have been easy to tap the leader and send him sliding out of the groove on the slick Sturgis track. "I raced him like I would want him to race me" said Brink after the feature. Jason Robbins (50) the Quick Time setter of the evening in time trials came home in 3rd, Tom Peterson brought his #307 home in 4th, and Logan Hershey (20) picked up the SpeedMart's Hard Charger Award by starting 17th and capturing the 5th spot.
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After the exciting main event, the night was still young, and the drivers still had a little gas in them, so they decided to take the wings off the cars and give the fans a treat by racing a Non-Winged 20 lap feature. Logan Hershey and Blayne Brink started on the front row according to the draw, and Hershey quickly grabbed the lead for the first 11 laps until a failed fuel pump sidelined him for the race. Brink inherited the lead and stretched it out to a full straight-a-way before taking the checkers and the win. Brandon Mills drove his #22 car from a 12th starting spot to finish 2nd, Doug McIntosh finished 3rd, points leader Don Taylor finished 4th and Jason Robbins finished out the top 5.
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The Hoosier Tire's BHMST has next weekend off, but will be back in Newcastle, WY on Aug 7-8th for a 2 night Sagebrush Shootout, featuring the BHMST as well as the Miniakota Micros from Eastern SD, MN, and IA. Friday night's races start at 8:00pm on Friday and 7:00pm on Saturday.
Time Trials
1.Jason Robbins 12.560, 2.John Garrigan jr. 12.630, 3.Logan Hershey 12.730, 4.Robert Bandy 12.890, 5.Larry Reub 12.930, 6.Brandon Mills 13.010, 7.Don Taylor 13.030, 8.Jeff Nelson 13.050, 9.Doug McIntosh 13.080, 10.Tom Peterson 13.080, 11.Blayne Brink 13.280, 12.Martin Hansen 13.380, 13.Karon Deshaw 13.460, 14.Samantha Swett 13.530, 15.Colten Baumanm 13.580, 16.Brad Olson 14.060, 17.Ronald Sadness 14.110, 18.Ryan Fulk 0.000
Heat 1
Larry Reub (59), Karon Deshaw (26), Brad Olson (66), DNF Ronald Sadness (36s), DNS Ryan Fulk (9)
Heat 2
John Garrigan jr. (95j), Tom Peterson (307), Don Taylor (31), Jeff Nelson (808), Colten Baumann (24)
Heat 3
Blayne Brink (21), Doug McIntosh (23), Jason Robbins (50), DNF Logan Hershey (20)
Heat 4
Brandon Mills (22), Robert Bandy (27), Martin Hansen (16), Samantha Swett (X's)
McIntosh, Brink, Robbins, Peterson, Hershey, Mills, Reub, Deshaw, Taylor, Nelson, Hansen, Garrigan, Baumann, Swett, DNF Sadness, Olson, Bandy, DNS Fulk
Non-Wing Main
Brink, Mills, McIntosh, Taylor, Robbins, Peterson, Fulk, Swett, DNF Hershey, Garrigan, Hansen, Reub, Olsen
Hoosier Tire's BHMST Points as of 7-25-15
908 Don Taylor 31
902 Tom Peterson 307
900 Blayne Brink 21
899 John Garrigan jr. 95j
897 Larry Reub 59
886 Brandon Mills 22
869 Jason Robbins 50
861 Riley Fremont* 808
816 Martin Hansen* 16
813 Colten Baumann* 24
781 Ron Fulk 9
773 Ronald Sadness* 36s
765 Reggie Schrank 521
759 Nate Hand 2
756 Jim Paisley 88
641 Logan Hershey 20
623 Robert Bandy 27
617 Doug McIntosh 23
591 Karen Deshaw 26
501 Samantha Swett X's
441 Jeff Wignall 19
395 Brad Olson* 66
342 Ed Wagoner 51
328 Tyler Mills 14
269 Ryan Fulk 11f
207 Donnie Bandy 28
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