Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun in Sturgis

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Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun in Sturgis

Postby 3D Racing » Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:00 pm

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun in Sturgis
With the rain taking many of the main events so far this year, the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour scheduled an unorthodox double header race on a Sunday evening, and the excitement was worth the wait. With a strong 24 car field, the heat races gave a glimpse of what the night would be like. In the heat races, both the 36s of Ronald Sadness and the 95j of John Garrigan jr. got up side down, but both cars would be back to race later. The heats and B-main had good racing and the 16 car B-main was stacked with talented drivers throughout, and eventually won by Brandon Mills, who would go on to win the second feature of the evening.
Once the A-main started, Blayne Brink, the winner of the feature weeks ago in Newcastle, WY, got tangled up with another car and ended up barrel rolling his shiny 21 machine on the first lap. He would be back later in the evening, after some hefty repairs and help from many other drivers. Once the race was restarted, the #20 car of Logan Hershey was the class of the field, leading the first 15 laps by a considerable distance until his motor expired for the second time in as many events. He was finished for the evening. Nate Hand took over the lead, in his #2 machine, on the restart, but with a couple of laps left was overtaken by Newcastle's Tom Peterson piloting the #307. Peterson would go on to win the main for his first ever mini sprint feature. Don Taylor (31) finished right on Peterson's bumper followed closely by Hand, rookie Riley Fremont (808), and Brandon Mills (22) to finish out the top 5.
After the main, there were still 22 cars standing and it was time to re-shuffle the drivers and start the excitement again. During the intermission, there was a quick rain shower, which was just enough to make the track super fast and multi-laned, which made for some side by side racing. The heats and 14 car B-main were relatively uneventful, except for the close racing. Once the second main event of the evening started, it was all Gillette's Reggie Schrank (521). He started on the pole and lead 19 and a half laps of the 20 lap event, but he came up just a bit short. During the whole race, Brandon Mills' #22 car was right on his Schrank's tail waiting for to make a mistake. At one point, rookie Riley Fremont stuck his #808 nose underneath the both of the leaders and tasted the first place position for just a moment before spinning and going to the back. On the last lap, Mills made his move and took the lead by a half a car, just enough to take the checkered flag. "I could smell his brakes and noticed he was slowing a bit, I knew I had to make my move" said Mills after the win. Schrank finished 2nd, Don Taylor (31) ended up 3rd, with Larry Reub (59) and Tom Peterson (307) finishing out the top 5.
The Speedmart's Hard Charger Awards were given to Riley Fremont and Tom Peterson
The next event for the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour will be next week, June 13th, at the Newcastle Speedway in Newcastle, WY. You do NOT want to miss this.....

Sturgis Race 1
Heat 1
Jeff Wignall (19), Tom Peterson (307), Brandon Mills (22), John Garrigan jr. (95j), Larry Reub (59), Karon Deshaw (26)
Heat 2
Don Taylor (31), Tyler Mills (14), Martin Hansen (16), Doug McIntosh (23), DNF Ronald Sadness (36s) Samantha Swett (X's)
Heat 3
Logan Hershey (20), Nate Hand (2), Donnie Bandy (28), Reggie Schrank (521), Colten Baumanm (24), Ryan Fulk (11f)
Heat 4
Blayne Brink (21), Robert Bandy (27), Jim Paisley (88), Riley Fremont (808), Jason Robbins (50), Ron Fulk (9)
B. Mills, Fremont, Paisley, Reub, D. Bandy, Schrank, McIntosh, Robbins, Garrigan, Ryan Fulk, Ron Fulk, Baumanm, DNF Swett, Hansen, Deshaw, Sadness
Peterson, Taylor, Hand, Fremont, B. Mills, Wignall, R. Bandy, Paisley, Reub, T. Mills, DNF Hershey, Brink

Sturgis Race 2
Heat 1
Larry Reub (59), Blayne Brink (21), Donnie Bandy (28), Nate Hand (2), Doug McIntosh (23), Ron Fulk (9)
Heat 2
Riley Fremont (808), Don Taylor (31), Jim Paisley (88), Karon Deshaw (26), Samantha Swett (X's), Ronald Sadness (36s)
Heat 3
Reggie Schrank (521), Brandon Mills (22), Jason Robbins (50), Martin Hansen (16), Colten Baumanm (24)
Heat 4
John Garrigan jr. (95j), Tyler Mills (14), Tom Peterson (307), Robert Bandy (27), DNS Ryan Fulk (11f)
Peterson, Paisley, Hand, Deshaw, McIntosh, Hansen, Swett, D. Bandy, Baumanm, Sadness, DNF Ron Fulk, Robbins, DNS R. Bandy, Ryan Fulk
B. Mills, Schrank, Taylor, Reub, Peterson, Brink, Garrigan, Paisley, Fremont, Hand, Deshaw, DNF T. Mills

2015 Points Championship as of 6-7-15
1 350 Don Taylor
2 343 Tom Peterson
3 341 Blayne Brink
4 337 Jim Paisley
5 333 Larry Reub
6 330 Brandon Mills
7 329 John Garrigan jr.
8 327 Riley Fremont *
9 326 Nate Hand
10 315 Reggie Schrank
11 311 Jason Robbins
12 305 Martin Hansen *
13 304 Doug McIntosh
14 304 Robert Bandy
15 300 Colten Baumanm *
16 294 Ron Fulk
17 293 Ronald Sadness *
18 273 Karen Deshaw
19 269 Ryan Fulk
20 218 Logan Hershey
21 216 Tyler Mills
22 207 Donnie Bandy
23 195 Samantha Swett
24 114 Jeff Wignall
25 112 Ed Wagoner
* - Represents drivers battling for Rookie of the Year
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