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Postby 3D Racing » Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:46 pm

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Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour Championship Weekend
With two nights of racing left in the Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour's season, things couldn't have heated up any more for the racing and the championship at the Travis McDonnell, Kathy Morris, Darwin Brink Memorial Race. Visiting the speedway for the first time of the year, was a bit of a challenge for a few of the racers in the 24 car field. The heat races went off without a hitch, but things got interesting once the main event started. The first accident of the evening was when point leader Logan Hershey spun in turn 4, collecting Jordan Mattson, who was making his first appearance with the BHMST. Mattson in his bright pink #19X barrel rolled 3-4 times. His car was done for the evening, but he was unharmed. The second frightening crash of the evening was when Brandon Mills making his way through traffic, clipped an inside tire and another car at the same time, sending him into the air end over end. His Rick Peterson owned #22 machine was bent and banged up, but his safety equipment kept Brandon safe.
When the 20 lap feature was finished, Donnie Bandy wheeled his black #28 to his first ever feature win. Donnie and his brother Robert have been a consistent top finishers, but up until Friday night haven't found a win this year. The Bandy's teammate Scott Hudson finished a close 2nd, while the youngster Blayne Brink came across the stripe 3rd. The veteran Larry Reub and Newcastle's Tom Peterson finished out the top 5. Point leader Hershey finished 3 spots behind John Garrigan jr., closing the gap to just one point going into the final night.
Saturday Night's promise for an exciting finish to the BHMST season did not disappoint. Again, the heat races went off with no accidents, except the point leader Hershey spun in his heat race and was counted 5th in his heat, while 2nd in points Garrigan won the heat race, which gave Garrigan a 3 point lead going into the 30 lap feature.
The track was perfect both nights with multiple lanes of racing, which Robert Bandy (brother of Donnie Bandy, the winner of Friday nights feature) needed to weave his way through lapped traffic to capture his first victory of the year and first main event win in about 7 years. Their teammate Scott Hudson again finished in the runner up spot and the youngster Blayne Brink again finished 3rd for the night. Logan Hershey drove from the back of the pack to finished 4th and Brandon Mills wheeled his repaired #22 to a top 5 finish. John Garrigan Jr. leading the points by 3 points going into the feature finished 3 positions behind Hershey in 7th, making a BHMST Point Championship TIE for the first time ever.
The only major incident of the event was when Brandon Mills and Nate Hand tangled in turn 2, sending Hand's #2 machine rolling and finished for the evening.
Special thanks to JR Hughes, The Western Wanderer, ( for spending the weekend in the infield with his camera and getting some great action shots.

Heartland Speedway Friday Night
Heat 1
Jeff Wignall (19), Larry Reub (59), Jordan Mattson (19X), Nate Hand (2), Kenny Robbins (27k)
Heat 2
Brandon Mills (22), Tom Peterson (307), Doug McIntosh (23), Erin Wood (41), DNS Tyler Mills (14)
Heat 3
Scott Hudson (84), Karon Deshaw (26), Jason Robbins (50), Don Taylor (31), DNS Ronald Sadness (720)
Heat 4
John Garrigan jr. (95j), Donnie Bandy (28), Robert Bandy (27), DNS Ryan Fulk (11f), Ron Fulk (9)
Heat 5
Blayne Brink (21), Logan Hershey (20), Jim Paisley (9j), Doug Napier (3d)
D. Bandy (28), Hudson (84), Brink (21), Reub (59), Peterson (307), McIntosh (23), Wignall (19), J. Robbins (50), Garrigan (95j), R. Bandy (27), Napier (3d), Hershey (20), Deshaw (26), Paisley (9j), Taylor (31), Hand (2), K. Robbins (27k), Sadness (720), DNF Ron Fulk (9), B. Mills (22), Mattson (19x), Wood (41), DNS T. Mills (14), Ryan Fulk (11f)
Heartland Speedway Saturday Night
Heat 1
Scott Hudson (84), Nate Hand (2), Tom Peterson (307), Jason Robbins (50), Ron Fulk (9)
Heat 2
John Garrigan (95j), Robert Bandy (27), Doug McIntosh (23), ROnald Sadness (720), Logan Hershey (20)
Heat 3
Jim Paisley (9j), Don Taylor (31), Kenny Robbins (27k), DNF Ryan Fulk (11f)
Heat 4
Blayne Brink (21), Larry Reub (59), Doug Napier (3d), Brady McDonnell (37m)
Heat 5
Brandon Mills (22), Karon Deshaw (26), Donnie Bandy (28), Jeff Wignall (19)
R. Bandy (27), Hudson (84), Brink (21), Hershey (20), Mills (22), Reub (59), Garrigan (95j), Napier (3d), McDonnell (37m), D. Bandy (28), Wignall (19), J. Robbins (50), Peterson (307), Paisley (9j), McIntosh (23), Taylor (31), Ron Fulk (9), Sadness (720), K. Robbins (27k), DNF Deshaw (26), Hand (2), DNS Ryan Fulk (11f)
2014 BHMST Point Championship
1 Logan Hershey 20 1237
2 John Garrigan 95j 1237
3 Larry Reub 59 1219
4 Jim Paisley 9j 1208
5 Blayne Brink 21 1207
6 Robert Bandy 27 1206
7 Donnie Bandy 28 1176
8 Karon Deshaw 26 1147
9 Kenny Robbins 27k 1125
10 Ryan Fulk 11f 1085
11 Doug Napier 3d 1083
12 Nate Hand 2 1074
13 Peterson/Mills 22 998
14 Jason Robbins 50 972
15 Tom Peterson 307 956
16 Scott Hudson 84 944
17 Don Taylor 31 932
18 Ron Fulk 9 871
19 Doug McIntosh 23 862
20 Reggie Schrank 521 851
21 Tyler Liebig 55 682
22 Jeff Wignall 19 675
23 Taylor Everett 720 565
24 Landon Schmidt 24 537
25 Ronald Sadness 720 292
26 Erin Wood 41 290
27 Samantha Swett X's 282
28 Jordan Mattson 19X 97
29 Ed Wagoner 51 96
30 Tom Jernigan 86 93
31 Tyler Mills 14 75
Robert Bandy Win sm.jpg
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Mills Flip sm.jpg
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