2014 Fantasy League Rules

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2014 Fantasy League Rules

Postby C&R Racing » Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:09 pm

Draft will be random draw for 1st and 3rd rounds. The 2nd round will be reversed of the 1st round and 4th round will be reversed of 3rd round. We will have 4 rounds.

1. You will draft 4 drivers from any class. The best 3 drivers will score points from their Heat race and mains finish. Driver must run at an Indiana track at some point in the weekend for points to count.

2. You are allowed to pick up or drop a driver any time BEFORE PRACTICE starts as long as you notify Pidge or myself. You are allowed to trade within other members of the league at any time as long as you notify Pidge or myself. Except for during Playoffs, no trading with someone out of the tournament.

3. Your driver will only score points for 1 main and 1 heat. They cannot score points for both the A and the B main. They will get the higher of the 2. Also if your driver is DQed for any reason, they get last place points for that race.

4. If your driver runs two classes you will get the class that they scores the most with. The same goes for if they run twice in a weekend, they will get their highest points per class per day.

5. We are going to count 10 as a full field since that is where we cut the line for points. If there is less than 10 we will drop the points off from the top. If there are 9 cars you are missing one for a full field so we will drop the top spot off if you are missing 2 cars you drop the first two spots off. Heat race points will remain the same.

6. When you drop a driver, the driver will go to a waivered list that will be posted once the driver is dropped. At this time, fantasy league members can begin to let me know if they want this driver or not. The lowest member in the standings that wants the driver will get him/her on the day before the next race. The driver you drop for the waivered driver will then go to the waiver list for the following week. I suggest letting me know in a PM or text. Do not let others know you want a driver.

7. The schedule will be head to head while compiling up records to go into a seeded tournament. Season points will be 1st tie breaker, and head to head results will be 2nd tie breaker, , last draft pick will be 3rd tie breaker for seeds. If there is a tie in the tournament, both teams will continue on to the next round to play in a 3 way battle the following round. If in the Championship bracket, the loser of the previous round will continue their same points into the losers bracket for the game they were suppose to play.

The Points System
Heats and Lesser mains
1st - 10 pts
2nd - 9 pts
3rd - 8 pts
4th - 7 pts
5th - 6 pts
6th and down - 5 pts

A Main
1st - 35 pts - 10 or more cars
2nd - 30 pts - 1st with 9 cars
3rd - 26 pts - 1st with 8 cars
4th - 23 pts - 1st with 7 cars
5th - 20 pts - 1st with 6 cars
6th - 18 pts - 1st with 5 cars
7th - 16 pts - 1st with 4 cars
8th - 14 pts - 1st with 3 cars
9th - 12 pts - 1st with 2 cars
10th - 11 pts - 1st with 1 car
11th and down - 10 pts

There will be no dash or fast time qualifier points.

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