Flud Gets POWRi Victory Number Four

Macon, IL – Frank Flud of Pryor, Oklahoma claimed his fourth career POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro League victory in the Third Annual Rich Camfield Memorial at Macon Speedway. The Third Annual Rich Camfield Memorial honors the late Rich Camfield, a tremendous supporter of midget racing.

Flud started on the pole of the 20-lap feature event and wired the field to pick up his second POWRi victory of 2017. Working the bottom side of the high-banked Macon Speedway in the early half of the race, only to be shown the high side by eventual second place finisher Evan Weyant, Flud took to the top in turns one and two, but rolled the bottom in turns three and four. Even when entering lap traffic, Flud managed to dispatch quickly and stay out of trouble, never allowing Weyant to get close enough to make a move.

Third place finisher Luke Verardi took a good bite out of Joe B. Miller’s point lead capitalizing on Miller’s absence. Slater Helt finished fourth after running the semi and starting 18th. Harley Hollan took fifth.

“Finally things have gone our way,” commented Frank Flud. “I know I’ve had a very fortunate season, but anytime we try to come north, we really struggle. I can’t thank everyone enough that came to support me tonight. The fans here, that’s what keeps us going. I can’t thank my crew enough.”

“I didn’t know what I had going into this, running a limited season,” stated Evan Weyant. “But I’m pretty proud of that second place finish there to a guy like Frank. I can’t thank my dad enough. It’s awesome.”

“We just got to keep going with the flow and getting the finishes that we can,” said Luke Verardi. “I can’t give this team enough credit; they have no quit. One of these days, we’ll knock one off.”


Speedway Motors Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: 14 – KURT WESTERFIELD, Heat 2: 3G – GARET WILLIAMSON, Heat 3: 33M – RYAN MUELLER, Heat 4: 28 – LUKE VERARDI

Mesilla Valley Transportation Feature Winner: 81 – FRANK FLUD

POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro League Feature Results (20 laps): 1. 81 – FRANK FLUD 2. 38X – EVAN WEYANT 3. 28 – LUKE VERARDI 4. 22S – SLATER HELT 5. 14H – HARLEY HOLLAN 6. 3G – GARET WILLIAMSON 7. 14 – KURT WESTERFIELD 8. 5R – CRAIG RONK 9. 99 – ALEC LONG 10. 14JR – HOLLEY HOLLAN 11. 23 – JEREMY CAMP 12. 84 – PAUL DAY 13. 21Z – JEREMY ZUMWALT 14. 8 – GABE VERARDI 15. 19W- SARA ELROD 16. 83B – JEFF BEASLEY 17. 17 – MOLLY DAY 18. 1 – CAILIN HUNT 19. 97 – AUSTIN NIGH 20. 44 – TREVIN LITTLETON 21. 37 – AIDAN PURDUE 22. 23C – TONY CLIFTON 23. 33M – RYAN MUELLER

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