Craig Ronk Makes it a Triple at Jacksonville

Jacksonville, IL– Craig Ronk of Warsaw, Indiana went three-for-three in POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro League competition at Jacksonville Speedway for 2017, picking up the win in the Friday night portion of the doubleheader weekend.

In a caution-plagued feature event, Ronk was never seriously challenged throughout the course of the 20 laps as he was clearly the class of the field tonight, building upon the momentum of his previous two wins at Jacksonville. With most of the action happening behind the young driver, current POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro League point standings leader, Joe B. Miller rallied from a eighth place starting spot to battle with Aaron Andruskevitch for the second position.

Miller eventually took second from Andruskevitch on lap 18, but ran out of time before a battle could mount with Ronk for the lead, as Ronk had built an extensive lead and was weaving through lap traffic. Andruskevitch finished third, while Nick Howard and Matt Howard rounded out the top five.
“I like this track,” said Craig Ronk. “It’s big, it carries a lot of speed and it’s super race-y. We love coming here and look forward to more races here. Next year, we’re excited to hopefully make all the races and see what happens. This feels good.”

“We’ve been really fortunate and I’ve been very blessed to sit in some good equipment,” commented Joe B. Miller. “I can’t thank everyone enough that helps. Congrats to Craig. I think tomorrow night will be a little less stressful.”
“I’ve been quarter midget racing with my boy,” stated Aaron Andruskevitch. “We’ve been doing POWRi and my schedule got too busy with my boy racing quarter midgets, but it’s fun to come run second with this competition and hat’s off to Ronk. Kind of a coincidence; Joe B. and myself and Jacksonville.”

Speedway Motors Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: 1 – CAILIN HUNT, Heat 2: 5R – CRAIG RONK, Heat 3: 38 – JACKSON FRISBIE, Heat 4: 37 – AIDEN PURDUE

Toyota Semi Feature Winner: 59 – LUKE VAUGHN

Mesilla Valley Transportation Feature Winner: 5R – CRAIG RONK

POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro League Feature Results (20 laps): 1. 5R – CRAIG RONK 2. 51B – JOE B MILLER 3. 21 – AARON ANDRUSKEVITCH 4. 37H – NICK HOWARD 5. 8H – MATT HOWARD 6. 65E – CHAD ELLIOTT 7. 33M – RYAN MUELLER 8. 52 – JASON HARMS 9. 14 – KURT WESTERFIELD 10. 1 – CAILIN HUNT 11. 59 – LUKE VAUGHN 12. 10 – JACOB TIPTON 13. 37 – AIDEN PURDUE 14. 14E – ELI HARRIS 15. 44 – TREVIN LITTLETON 16. 14JR – HOLLEY HOLLAN 17. 14H – HARLEY HOLLAN 18. 22S – SLATER HELT 19. 11C – MASON CAMPBELL 20. 99 – ALEC LONG 21. 38 – JACKSON FRISBIE 22. 21A – BLAKE STOLLEIS 23. 28 – LUKE VERARDI

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